Sales Terms & F.A.Q.

* All sales are final and non-refundable.

Pre-sale Guidelines & F.A.Q.

If you can’t answer with  YES to most of those questions, please consider NOT ordering any subscription plans:

  • I already operate a successful returns resale business, and I have past experience with – Amazon return auctions resale.
  • I have prior experience or have run a business in traditional retail or eCommerce sales.
  • I or anyone who will be managing azManifest application on my behalf is capable of understanding and adapting to new software interfaces, and/or anyone in my company is experienced with setting up WooCommerce stores, retrieving REST API keys, and so on.
  • I have the business capital to participate in BStock Amazon EU auctions, and I understand the risks associated with participation in such auctions, as per BStock’s own terms & conditions.
  • I understand and have planned for all additional retail & online resale costs.
  • I live in a country that can participate in BStock Amazon EU auctions.
  • I have a solid resale business plan, I know my local competition, my potential customer base, and so on.


  • Is this software suitable for someone only planning to start Amazon returns resale business?
    • Unless you have business capital that you can afford to lose, and some previous e-commerce or retail sales experience, I would say NO. But having software like azManifest from start, by personal experience would make a huge difference, but software alone will not make your business successful – have a solid business plan, and market analysis done prior to opening an online or retail store in your country/city.
  • I am unable to configure or understand some or most of the software functionality.
    • First-time customers, can arrange Zoom call, and go over all settings – step by step.
    • Any further issues are resolved, in order of request, as soon as possible.
  • Can I order more ‘auction points‘ and ‘won auction slots‘?
    • Yes, by contacting support in a timely manner, a custom invoice will be made. But each monthly subscription comes with 15-30k included API calls/points, that should cover optimal use needs.
  • What is your refund policy?
    • All subscription plans sales are final. A Demo version is provided, for fully testing software functionality.
    • We advise planning your monthly subscription in the same period as your planned auction participation. Inactivity is not considered a valid reason for a refund.
    • Before ordering a yearly, or a monthly subscription plan, we advise you to contact a sales representative and fully test software, via Zoom call.