* Early Access Pricing. All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

Subscription Plans & Pricing

Software pricing is set based on how niche such SaaS applications utility is, and based on development & maintenance costs. In fact, there are no alternative tools, with the same or similar functionality.

The monthly subscription price may seem high, but a key question to ask is – how much money I am going to save, by investing in software that will help me buy ONLY profitable & desirable auctions, save me countless hours spent browsing weekly auctions, manually trying to guess & analyze what to bid for, as well as sparing anxiety that comes along with it.

And many more hours, manually sorting through manifest CSV files, looking up bought items, trying to figure out profit/loss margins, right pricing, manually looking up online each item, and listing it on an online store, by performing endless mentally draining copy/paste tasks, or manually marking items on excel sheet as sold – in a retail store, and so on…

Does the answer to those questions justify paying just around 5 EUR daily for a tool that will potentially make 10-1000x more in return?

Are your own, or your employee’s time and energy better spent on more important tasks that can’t be automated by a piece of software?

Monthly Plan

Suitable for starter
195/ MO
  • 'Zoom call' live guidance & after sales 24/7 support
  • 5k monthly Amazon API credits/points
  • 5 saved auction slots
  • Conditional custom feature requests

Yearly Plan

Save -480 EUR
155/ MO
  • 'Zoom call' live guidance & after sales 24/7 support
  • 10k monthly Amazon API credits/points
  • 15 saved auction slots
  • Custom feature requests

6 Month's Plan

Save -180 EUR
165/ MO
  • 'Zoom call' live guidance & after sales 24/7 support
  • 7k monthly Amazon API credits/points
  • 10 saved auction slots
  • Custom feature requests
* All sales are final and non-refundable.

Pre-sale Guidelines & F.A.Q.

If you can’t answer with YES to most of those questions, please consider NOT ordering any subscription plans:

  • I already operate a successful returns resale business, and/or I have past experience with – Amazon return auctions resale.
  • I have prior experience or have run a business in traditional retail or eCommerce sales.
  • I or anyone who will be managing azManifest application on my behalf is capable of understanding and adapting to new software interfaces, and/or anyone in my company is experienced with setting up WooCommerce stores, retrieving REST API keys, and so on.
  • I have the business capital to participate in BStock Amazon EU auctions, and I understand the risks associated with participation in such auctions, as per BStock’s own terms & conditions.
  • I understand and have planned for all additional retail & online resale costs.
  • I live in a country that can participate in BStock Amazon EU auctions.
  • I have a solid resale business plan, I know my local competition, my potential customer base, and so on.


  • Is this software suitable for someone only planning to start Amazon returns resale business?
    • Unless you have business capital that you can afford to lose, and some previous e-commerce or retail sales experience, I would say NO. But having software like azManifest from start, by personal experience would make a huge difference, but software alone will not make your business successful – have a solid business plan, and market analysis done prior to opening an online or retail store in your country/city.
  • I am unable to configure or understand some or most of the software functionality.
    • First-time customers, can arrange Zoom call, and go over all settings – step by step.
    • Any further issues are resolved, in order of request, as soon as possible.
  • Can I order more ‘auction points‘ and ‘won auction slots‘?
    • Yes, by contacting support in a timely manner, a custom invoice will be made. But each monthly subscription comes with 15-30k included API calls/points, that should cover optimal use needs.
  • What is your refund policy?
    • All subscription plans sales are final. A Demo version is provided, for fully testing software functionality.
    • We advise planning your monthly subscription in the same period as your planned auction participation. Inactivity is not considered a valid reason for a refund.
    • Before ordering a yearly, or a monthly subscription plan, we advise you to contact a sales representative and fully test software, via Zoom call.