Your Edge on Amazon EU & USA Auctions

Amazon Liquidation Auctions Analytic Tool

Analyze On-going Auctions, Manage Won Auctions Inventory & Sales, Automated WooCommerce Import & More!

  • View All Weekly On-going Auctions, and ended auctions
  • Sort by:
    • Retail Value
    • Last Bid, Total Items
    • Remaining Time & Country Location
  • Before bidding on any auction, quickly see the entire auction listing products in the 'image view' tab, check the accuracy of pricing. (Sort by quantity, unit retail & view specific categories, sub-categories, condition types, carriers, and departments)
  • Assign specific tags to each item, and determine total resale potential, adjust your bidding strategy based on your own set of criteria! (Default tags - Fast Resale, Hard to Sell, Winter-Season, Summer-Season)
  • View top 4 to 64 items by -
    • Quantity
    • Cheapest & most expensive items
    • Weight
      • Light & Heavy items
  • View specific conditions & department values, for ongoing & won auctions.
  • Total %, Retail values in EUR of all items by 'conditions, departments', and your own 'sales & inventory' tags
  • View your own assigned 'sales & inventory' tags
    • (Default tags– sold/wholesale, no defects, repaired, for parts, etc.)
  • In the table view, manage each item, by assigning - sales & inventory tags
  • Leave comments for internal reference
  • Adjust price manually or in bulk, check current pricing on & Import to WooCommerce with one click
  • Quick access reference point for your daily sales & inventory process, find any product in your inventory quickly!
  • Save all won and old BStock manifest CSV files - auction listings in your 'won auctions' panel
    • Import plain ASIN number product lists from, other sources like, etc.
  • Download link to CSV file
  • Direct link to corresponding BStock auction page
  • Add & remove processed auctions
  • External Import View
    • Import BStock Amazon EU auctions CSV manifest files
    • Import plain ASIN number product lists
      • Account Amazon API credits are applied
      • Auction slots limit according to subscription plan
  • Connect your WP site with, WooCommerce REST API credentials
  • Link Manifest Amazon product categories, with your WooCommerce categories
  • Use default or change - sales & inventory tags
  • Change your HTML import template structure, for WooCommerce product descriptions
  • Connect Deepl automated product description & title translation - in one or 2 languages
What To Expect

Core Features

Auctions In-Depth Analytic

  • Weekly BStock On-going Amazon Liquidation Auctions Analytic.
  • One-click complete analytic & image views of all auctions items, assign custom tags before bidding on auction, and gain full insight in potential resale value – adjust your bidding strategy based on your own criteria.
  • Pie & Tree Charts for an item – Conditions, Departments, Categories – with retail values, percentages, item counts.

Sales & Inventory Management

  • Manage Inventory for all Won auctions, as well Import Old Manifest CSV files, or plain ASIN list!
  • Organize all auction items by Inventory & Sales status tags, and generate sales/inventory total values based on those tags. (Default tag examples – sold/wholesale, no defects, repaired, for parts, etc.)
  • Adjust pricing in bulk by percentage, or manually, check real-time pricing on, leave comments, quickly find any item in a table view, for easy sales/inventory management.

Automate WooCommerce Store

  • One-click Import to WooCommerce Store – All product images, titles, descriptions, categories, pricing, quantity, weight, etc. + Automated Translations using Deepl API!
  • Adjust pricing in bulk by percentage, or manually, check real-time pricing on, leave comments on each item in table view, for easier sales & inventory management, when working with a team.

Key Auction Bidding Advantages

The most important part of successful Amazon return auctions resale is – bidding & winning profitable auctions! ‘azManifest’ is built by a team of developers, who had become Amazon resellers.

We are well aware of how hard it is to gain complete insight into BStock Amazon auctions listings manifest, before risking your companies hard-earned profits & blindly bidding on auctions, that would not turn expected ROI.

‘azManifest’ analytic platform, will help you gain full insight into weekly on-going auctions, by precisely listing all auctioned items values by categories, departments, quantities, and so on.

No more, guessing and manually looking up a few top products that are provided on plain, hard to read BStock default auction catalog table.

  • Assign Tags – to each item in the ongoing auction listing, and beforehand gain complete insight into potential sales revenue, based on past sales experience, and overall auction item composition, before placing any bids!

  • View Top Items – Quickly see overall item composition by Quantity, Retail Value – expensive/cheap, Weight – heavy/light.

  • View Items By – Specific Conditions (Defective or Carrier, Customer, Vendor, Warehouse Damage), Vendor ID & Categories, sub-categories, departments.

  • Adjust Total Bid & Unit Costs – based on your own shipping & other resale costs.

  • Detect incorrect pricing & see actual correct item pricing

All these functions are made with a single goal in mind – gaining a competitive edge over other auction participants, and maximizing potential sales revenue, and lowering costs by bidding ONLY on the most profitable and desirable auctions, based on your own set of rules.

After Winning Auction

Save all your recently won auctions in your ‘Won Auctions’ panel, as well keep track of old inventory – import any old BStock Manifest CSV file. Or import ‘plain ASIN number list’, from other return stock platforms like!

  • Follow Sales Revenues, by setting sales tags
  • Manage Inventory with Inventory Tags
  • Manage Workflow with Table View - Comments
  • Set your pricing and Import in WooCommerce with one-click!

azManifest - v2.0 Stable Release.

  • ‘azManifest’ V2.0. Stable Release – November 2022. New features:
    • Bstock auctions support
    • USA auctions – import module
    • UX redesign – faster loading time & easier management of auction items in Table view
    • Individual Item Search Bar
    • Separate view for ”Unlocked” & ”Saved/Won Auctions”
    • Expanded ”Image View”
    • Various small bug fixes
  • ‘azManifest’ V1.0. Release Date – January 2022.

Take advantage and stay ahead of all competition, and be one of the first active Stable release users!

See How azManifest Can Help Your Return Business